Ski – Group lessons

Group ski lessons from 4 – 12 years old !
Beginner to expert level

Learning in a group is s lot more fun. Group lessons are the ideal solution to help your children to progress rapidly. Our instructors adapt teaching techniques to the needs of each individual child, their main aim is to prepare them for the Swiss Snow League.

Collective lessons are from sunday to friday (6 days) or from monday to friday (5days) from 10:30 to 13:00. Every participants will get a medal and a Swiss Snow League booklet at the end of the week*.

Programme de la semaine de cours: 

Day of the week: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Activity Discover your group and your instructor Ski lesson and snowli disco on the evening (optional) Ski lesson and torch light descent on the evening (optional) Day of the small race "thomy cup" Last day of ski lesson and medal ceremony

Informations diverses :

  • A minimum of 4 children at the same level is required in order to run the lesson. If there are less than 4 people, lessons last 1 hour.
  • Pick up from the Jorette is possible if your child has an appointment at Plan-de-Croix. CHF 5 per trip.

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*Medals and booklet included from 4 days participation.

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Beginner – Snow garden

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  • Age group : 4 to 6 years
  • Informations on Snowli story
  • Walk and turn with skis on the flat
  • First direction changes
  • Can ski but cannot stop unaided

Beginner – Level 1
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  • Age group : 7 to 12 years
  • Informations on Snowli story
  • Walk and turn with skis on the flat
  • Never skied before
  • First direction changes
  • Can ski but cannot stop unaided

Blue Prince – Level 2
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  • Informations on ski equipments
  • Climb in steps and scissors movement
  • Slide and stop in a snowplough
  • Agility drills in the fall line with skis in parallel position
  • Set off alone on the flat on skis
  • Snowploughtturns

Blue King – Level 3
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  • Informations on ski lifts, chairlifts…
  • Downhill traversing and sliding
  • Side slipping
  • Ride across easy bumps and jumps with skis in parallel position
  • Wedge christie on blue slopes

Blue Star – Level 4
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  • Informations on the right behavior on skis (FIS rules)
  • Wedge christie in a forest of mini-pickets and a route
  • Ski across bumps and dips
  • “Switch”, with skis in “V” position and change directions
  • Variations of turns on blue slopes
Red Prince – Level 5
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  • Informations on warm up
  • Stop with skis parallel
  • “A thousand steps”
  • Parallel turns

Red King – Level 6
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  • Informations on the right behavior in a Snow park
  • Short turns on easy slopes
  • Skating steps on the flat
  • Basic Air (Small Kicker)
  • Parallel turns of different sizes

Star Rouge – Level 7
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  • Informations on nature, forest and environment
  • “Switch” parallel turns
  • Single ski turns on easy slopes
  • Short turns on red slopes

Black Prince
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  • Informations on “how to prepare correctly the equipment”
  • Short turns on a black piste
  • Straight jumps, fifty-fifty on a box
  • Parallel turns off piste
  • Carving (cutting parallel turns) on a wide and easy piste

Swiss Snow Academy Ski
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Ski Race

  • Informations on competitions
  • “Race” parallel turns
  • “Race” short turns
  • Variants of carving turns (minimum 1)
  • Variants of short turns (minimum 1)
  • Competition technique in a race
  • Basic jumps
  • Competition training: slalom / giant slalom

Ski Freestyle

  • Informations on “the right behavior in a snow park”
  • «Switch» parallel turns
  • Straight jumps with grab (min 2 different)
  • Air Trick Spins (180° oder 360°)
  • Slope tricks 180° et suédois 180°
  • Rotations on box or rail
  • Freestyle (min 1 kind): Pipe Basic Run / Quarterpipe / Skicross

Ski Freeride

  • Informations on security, avalanches and weather
  • DVA search / Reading of the bulletin avalanche / Choice of the line and the stop points
  • Variations of parallel turns off piste
  • Creative tracks /Powder 8
  • Short turns in moguls
  • Jumps over natural obstacles
  • Creative off piste downhill

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Group lessons | ski | 2017-2018


Group lessons | ski |

Morning group lessons in high season
Meeting point 10:30 in Fignards or in Plan de Croix.

Number of morning : from 1 to 6 1 morning 5 mornings 6 mornings
Prices CHF 50.- CHF 200.- CHF 250.-

Minimum 4 children per level (maximum 12). If less, lessons will be 1 hour long.
Extra morning : CHF 50.-
Included: Medals and Swiss Snow League booklet (from 4 days of lessons)

*Family discount for 3 or more children – 10% discount on weekly ski lessons

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